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joi, 30 aprilie 2015

About CERT Project

CERT - Youth Resource Center

The first infrastructure project for volunteering is implemented in Buhusi, Bacau county, Romania.

In Romania, young people represent one of the most disadvantaged groups in terms of access to employment. At the local level there is no alternative to involvement and adequate spaces for leisure.

The main objective of the project is to strengthen the basis of volunteers and to encourage participation in the initiation and development of local youth policy.

Establishment of Youth Resource Center (CERT) creates a sustainable structure in order to develop those initiatives meant to facilitate active citizenship and responsible involvement of young people in community life.

The project increases the number of opportunities for youth involvement and creates the development of coalitions and partnerships to set up the CERT (Coaching for Efficiency of Schools Youth Networks) means of expanding cooperation and exchange of experience at regional and national level in the first stages and at an international level later for further stages.

130 volunteers are the direct beneficiaries of the project, namely students and young people who take part in the development of an initiative model for community and perform a very useful learning exercise for their civic and professional training as well.

For more information related to the project, please contact:
Elena Mitrea, Project Manager
Phone: (+40) 744.260370
Virginia - Smarandita Braescu, Expert/ Trainer
Phone: (+40) 740.367379
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